If you want to increase the value of your swimming pool and also extend the swimming season then a heating solution is a very goodinvestment. There are a number of ways you can heat your swimming pool which include Solar, Gas, Heat Pump and Solar Cover. All of these methods have different advantages and disadvantages, chat to us today so we can determine which is best for you.

Solar Heating

Solar Heating systems are easy to operate and come with a choice from a range of electronic controllers which feature easy to follow digital…

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Gas Heaters

We can supply and install a variety of quality gas heaters that are very compact, high performance, that allow for smaller overall equipment…

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Heat Pumps

Heat Pumps utilise the warmth in the air to heat your swimming pool water and this is now the most efficient form of responsive pool heating…

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Having a pool cover has a number of advantages, which include: Minimising water evaporation, reducing dirt and debris, reduce heat and chemical..

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