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Quality Pool Heat Pumps Perfect for Melbourne Winters

At Splashed Out Pools, we believe that going for a dip shouldn’t be reserved just for the sweltering heat of summer. That’s why we are proud to supply a wide range of quality heat pumps that offer to make your pool the perfect temperature all year ‘round. Our pumps utilise the warmth in the air to heat your water as this is now the most efficient form of responsive pool heating. With a variety of options available to suit the varying needs of our customers, we are the company to call for all your heating needs.

Why our solutions are the best available

Do you envision a heat pump as a big, expensive piece of machinery? Think again. New heating technology is just as compact as it is convenient. Featuring an innovative horizontal design and corrosion-resistant ABS housing, our options take up much less space than traditional designs while offering an extended operational life.

Our range is also whisper quiet. Operating as low as 49 decibels from a distance of 1 metre, the range is as inaudible as a high-end household dishwasher. Not only can they be used and installed on any swimming pool to provide heating all year round, but solar powered options also make them extremely environmentally friendly.

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We are the professionals when it comes to pool equipment of any kind, whether it’s heat pumps, gas heaters, filters or lights. Contact our staff on 1300 GO SPLASH today for more information on how we can help you get the most out of your pool.

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