Swimming Pool Lights Give Pools in Melbourne, Toorak, Greenvale and Essendon a Touch of Beauty.

If you’re looking for a safer night-time swimming experience or just seeking to light up the poolside to create the perfect ambience, look no further than Splashed Out Pools. We have a variety of swimming pool lights and covers for sale in Melbourne, from Toorak to Greenvale and Essendon.

Vibrant colour filters give your pool a whole new aesthetic

One of the fantastic properties of water is its ability to carry light. By installing a colour filter of your choice, you can give your pool the extra flair it needs to really pop. Blue is a popular choice, as it gives the pool a clean and attractive look. More outlandish colour filters are also available, such as red and purple which produce a fantastically attractive effect as the water glows.

Safe installation of swimming pool lights in Melbourne, Toorak, Greenvale and Essendon is our top priority.

Poorly installed swimming pool lights and water make for a deadly combination, as water is a good conductor of electricity. Insufficiently insulated wires add the risk of electric shock to your swimming experience, which can bring a beautiful summer’s evening to a hasty, horrific end. We make sure to take the greatest care when installing and maintaining swimming pool lights in Melbourne, swimming pool lights in Toorak, swimming pool lights in Greenvale and swimming pool lights in Essendon to provide you with the pool safety you and your family need. Attempting to install swimming pool lights yourself is, therefore, not recommended. Make safe decisions by choosing Splashed Out Pools as your swimming pool light provider of choice.

Swimming pool light bulb replacement services also offered

As with any light bulb, your swimming pool light will eventually fail and need to be replaced. We also offer you the service of replacing your bulbs, keeping you in the light at all times. We make sure to keep your pool light assembly watertight to avoid short circuits that may occur if water is allowed to bridge the gap between contacts, which can cause many undesirable effects such as power trips and blown fuses – even causing your light to stop functioning altogether. At Splashed Out Pools we spare you these inconveniences by taking care when disassembling and reassembling your light device, making sure that every seal is tight and undamaged.

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