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Professional Pool Cleaning and Maintenance Services

Casual cleaning from $69.95!

Come summer time it’s paramount to make sure your backyard is ready for ample use out in the sunshine. This means arranging for a reliable pool maintenance and cleaning service to assist, whether you’re in Toorak, Taylors Lake, Carolnie Springs or elsewhere in Melbourne.

Whilst some people prefer to do this work themselves, others do not have the time to spare amongst their other responsibilities such as work, family and social commitments. Allow our professionals to take care of everything quickly and efficiently and get your pool in useable condition in preparation for those scorching months where having a dip is a must!

Splashed Out Pools’ pool maintenance options include:

  • Full Water Chemistry Test
  • Water balance analysis
  • Inspection and Clean your Skimmer Basket
  • Inspection and Clean your Pump Basket
  • Pool surface skim for debris
  • Inspection of all Equipment including the pump
  • and filtration equipment for leaks and possible faults
  • Backwash of Sand Filters
  • Timer Check
  • Pre-settlement inspections

*Chemicals are not included in price above

Why our pool cleaning service is preferred throughout Melbourne

Whether you’re in Taylors Lake, Toorak, Caroline Springs or elsewhere in Melbourne, our pool cleaning and maintenance services are unparalleled. With a commitment to absolute customer satisfaction, superior workmanship and competitive pricing, you’re unlikely to find a better service anywhere else.

You can also arrange a reoccurring service with our reliable team members to ensure your pool remains lovely and clean year-round. If you have a heavily vegetated backyard with multiple trees, then leaves, branches and other natural debris will pose a big problem and risk causing a blockage with your filter. To prevent this from happening, either invest in a quality cover, or have our pool maintenance team take care of everything.

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