Professional Chlorinator Installation for Your Melbourne Pool

Keeping your pool water balanced and sanitised is essential for the safety of all those who swim in it. At Splashed Out Pools, we can help you do just this with our comprehensive chlorinator installation service.  Our team of experienced professionals can provide product recommendations based on your specific needs so you can feel confident that everything is running exactly as it should.

Why is a chlorinator so important?

The use of liquid chlorine can be dangerous; however, a chlorinator can be utilised to provide a safer alternative. Salt is a naturally occurring substance and when it is added to your pool, it creates mildly salted water that is safe, enjoyable, has a soft feel and can be further enhanced with the use of mineral salts.

We use a variety of high quality chlorinators to give our customers the perfect pool experience that they have been looking for. Our seamless installation solution provides you with the right product for your specific needs and ensures that it is fitted to your pool by one of our industry professionals. Our staff are also trained by world class chemical engineers, so we can guarantee a remarkable solution at every step of the way.

While you’re at it, check out our filter and light options so you can make sure your pool is in top shape all year ‘round.

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