Pool Solar Heating Fitting and Repair in Melbourne, Toorak, Greenvale and Essendon.

Although having a pool heater installed can be considered almost a necessity for comfortable use of your pool throughout the year, electric heating elements constantly syphoning energy from the grid on your (expensive) behalf is an easy way to find yourself in more than just one kind of hot water. Splashed Out Pools offers installation and maintenance of solar pool heating in Melbourne and the surrounding areas.

How does pool solar heating work?

By choosing a solar heating solution from us in Toorak, Greenvale or Essendon, you can expect significant savings on your monthly power bill as your pool will then be warmed by the largest, cheapest and most environmentally friendly nuclear power generator available to humanity; the Sun. Solar heating for pools works by incorporating solar panels into your pump system, thinly distributing water in what are quite descriptively called ‘Solar hot water collectors.’ These are thin ‘cells’ that increase the surface area and decrease the volume of water inside the panels and are aligned so the broadest side of the cells faces the sun, allowing your pool to heat up significantly faster than if it were merely in sunlight. This configuration also allows your pool to be cooled after a blistering hot day if you desire by running the solar panels at night.

Why choose Splashed Out Pools as your preferred provider of solar pool heating in Melbourne including Toorak, Greenvale or Essendon?

We provide honest, reliable, professional and fast service to our pool solar heating clients in Melbourne and understand your needs for high-quality, unobtrusive service. When doing business with us, you’ll deal directly with the owner of the company. This helps us ensure that your requirements are well understood by us instead of being lost in translation as instructions are passed down the ladder. The award-winning systems we use are provided by acclaimed manufacturer Sunlover, who are well known for producing environmentally friendly, bird and vermin resistant panels. Discover the wonders of pool solar heating in Melbourne, including pool solar heating in Toorak, pool solar heating in Greenvale or pool solar heating in Essendon.

Pool solar heating increases the value of your home.

Few people can honestly say they don’t want a solar heated pool. Your pool and its components are all assets which add a flair of luxury to your home, attracting wealthy buyers should you ever decide to move. With our professional maintenance services, we can help you be sure that your solar heating solution performs optimally for decades to come. Don’t compromise by wasting money on substandard components that fail before they’re even able to pay for themselves in energy savings. Only by using top-quality components from reputable manufacturers such as Sunlover can you be sure that you’ll be able to make a healthy return on your pool heating investment. Contact us today on 045 086 6964 or send us an enquiry via our contact form for more information.

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