Pool Cleaning Services on Offer in Melbourne, Toorak, Greenvale and Essendon.

It may not seem like the most daunting task to clean your own pool. However, there are many different aspects of what makes a pool clean to take into account. Unbalanced pH levels or excessive chlorine can cause skin irritation while too little chlorine can cause algae to take hold, which can be quite the nuisance to remove. We know exactly what we’re doing at Splashed Out Pools and we can help you avoid these uncomfortable experiences by applying our own experience and specialised equipment to keeping your pool clean and your water crystal clear.

Whether in Greenvale, Toorak or Essendon; Splashed Out Pools has all of Melbourne’s swimming pool cleaning needs covered.

We offer a full pool cleaning service package including but not limited to:

  • Comprehensive water chemistry tests.
  • Analysis and balancing of pool water.
  • Inspection and cleaning of pump and skimmer baskets.
  • Removal of debris from the water surface.
  • Equipment inspection.
  • Leak and fault prevention.
  • Sand filter backwash.
  • Timer checking.
  • Pre-settlement inspections.

Only through ensuring the most thorough and professional pool cleaning procedure can you have absolute peace of mind that you and your family experience good, clean fun in your swimming pool. By choosing our pool cleaning services, you don’t have to worry about potential irritating skin reactions to excessive chlorine or pool acid as our specialised instruments allow us the necessary insights into the chemistry of your pool water to promise a carefree swimming experience.

Pool cleaning products for sale throughout Melbourne.

A surprising amount of sophisticated components work in tandem to keep your pool water fresh and clean. Essential parts of this system include the sand filter, pump basket and skimmer basket while additional non-essential items such as chlorinators can improve the hygiene of your pool beyond the capabilities of the bare necessities. Chlorinators are particularly useful as the use of liquid chlorine can be dangerous while a chlorinator uses sodium chloride (salt) to create a mildly salted water that’s gentle on the skin, similar to water used in mineral spas. Skimmer baskets improve both the appearance and hygiene of your pool, by removing unsightly debris such as leaves and grass from the water surface. Installed just past the point that water leaves the pool and enters the pump system, skimmer baskets are your pump’s first line of defence against debris. However, eventually, enough debris can collect in the basket that your pump has to work extra hard to force all that water through the tiny spaces left by leaves and dirt. Thus, it is important to keep these baskets clean to maintain smooth operation of your pump.

Pool cleaning in Melbourne, including pool cleaning in Toorak, pool cleaning in Greenvale and pool cleaning in Essendon has never been simpler with the services provided in these areas by Splashed Out Pools. Contact us today via our contact form or call us on 045 086 6964 to arrange an appointment with us to assess your pool cleaning needs and provide you with a hassle-free quote.

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